Seamless Switcher

The J6 is a NovaStar high-performance seamless switcher that integrates video processing, screen mosaic, transition effects, and multi-screen display capabilities. With excellent image quality, ultra-large loading capacity, and flexible operation modes, the J6 can be widely used in conference reports, exhibition centers, stage control, and other application scenarios.


Switcher and splicer modes for ultimate flexibility.

6 layers in any locations

  • Support for 6 layers, each up to 4K x 2K.
  • The maximum layer quantity won’t be affected if the layer goes across multiple outputs.

High quality scaling

NovaStar SR scaler algorithm rebuilds the image in detail, ensuring the image has good sharpness after scaling.

Common algorithm

NovaStar SR algorithm

Switching effect

Support fade in & fade out switching effects.

Worked with C1 console

Realize flexible stage operation

Multiple operation modes

Supports operate J6 via its front panel, V-Can smart control software or C1 event controller.

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