Novastar CVT4K-S Fiber Converter

  • Supports 16 Neutrik Ethernet inputs and outputs.
  • Supports 4 optical fiber inputs and outputs. Two of them are master inputs and
    outputs and the other two are the backups.
  • Features dual-power redundancy backup inside for more stability and reliability
  • Features 2 types of power connectors (3-pin power socket and PowerCON),
    satisfying different needs of customers.
  • Features various indicators on the front panel, showing device statuses clearly.
  • Features USB and Ethernet control connectors, making it more flexible and much
    easier to connect the control computer.

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The CVT4K-S is a high performance fiber converter developed by NovaStar independently. Featuring photoelectric conversion of signals, the CVT4K-S realizes signal transmission via optical fiber and twisted pair. It allows long-distance signal transmission that is stable and not be easily interfered. Being easy to use, the CVT4K-S makes it convenient to connect terminal devices as well as simpler for onsite wiring connections.


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