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1.3 million pixel loading capacity, with resolutions of 1280×1024@60Hz, 1024×1200@60Hz, 1600×848@60Hz, 1970×712@69Hz, 2048×668@60Hz.

CE /  RoHS / EAC / FCC / IC

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RedDevice operating indicator. Working status:

On: The power supply is normal.
Off: The power is not supplied or the power supply is abnormal.
GreenDevice status indicator. Working status:

Slow flashing: Video input unavailable
Normal flashing: Video input available
Fast flashing: The screen is displaying the startup image.
Breathing: The Ethernet port redundancy has taken effect.
DVI×1Single-link DVI input connector
Supported maximum resolution: 1920×1200@60Hz, downward compatible
Resolution customizable
Maximum width: 3840 pixels
Maximum height: 1920 pixels
AUDIOAudio input connector
RJ45×22 Gigabit Ethernet ports
Maximum loading capacity of a single port: 650,000 pixels
Supports redundancy between Ethernet ports.
USB (Type-B)Connects to the PC.
UART IN/OUTInput/Output connector for cascading devices
Function Connector
LIGHT SENSORConnects to a light sensor to monitor ambient brightness, allowing for automatic brightness adjustment of LED display.
Power Supply
DC 3.3V~5.5VDC power connector


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