NovaStar Vx1000 All-in-one LED Processor

The VX1000 is NovaStar’s new all-in-one controller that integrates video processing and video control into one box.

VX1000 can be widely used in applications such as medium and high-end rental, stage control systems and fine-pitch applications.

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The VX1000 is the new all-in-one controller from NovaStar that integrates video processing and video controlling in one device. It has 10 Ethernet ports and supports different working modes (video controller, fibre converter, bypass mode). A single unit can manage up to 6.5 million pixels.

10 Ethernet ports of output provide 6.5 million pixels of loading capacity

A single unit can output a maximum width of 10,240 pixels, with a maximum height of 8,192 pixels

4K x 1K@60Hz high resolution input, 4K x 1K point to point display

3 x 4K layers, free scaling for each layer

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 56 × 46 × 18 cm
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